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Countries where Capybaras live

by Baby Capybara

Capybaras, the world’s largest rodents, are fascinating creatures that roam freely in certain parts of the world. Wondering what countries these friendly animals call home? From the lush landscapes of Brazil and the wetlands of Venezuela to the vast grasslands of Argentina, capybaras can be found in several South American countries. Their presence adds a touch of enchantment to these diverse ecosystems and makes them a must-visit destination for wildlife enthusiasts. So pack your bags and get ready to embark on a journey to discover the countries where capybaras live!

Countries where Capybaras Live

Capybaras, known as the largest rodents in the world, are fascinating creatures that can be found in various countries across South America. These semi-aquatic mammals have adapted to a range of habitats, from dense rainforests to grasslands and wetlands. If you are an animal lover and curious about where these adorable creatures reside, read on to discover the countries they call home.

Countries where Capybaras live

Argentina and Uruguay

In the lush landscapes of Argentina and Uruguay, capybaras thrive. These countries offer plentiful vegetation and water sources, which are essential for these semi-aquatic creatures. They can be spotted near rivers, lakes, and marshes, often in large social groups called “herds” or “capybara gangs.” The vast marshlands of the Paraná River Delta in Argentina provide an ideal habitat for these adorable rodents to roam freely.


Brazil, a country renowned for its diverse wildlife, is also home to capybaras in various regions. From the Amazon rainforest to the Pantanal wetlands, capybaras can be found throughout Brazil. In the Amazon, they can be seen near rivers, where they take advantage of the abundance of aquatic plants. The Pantanal, one of the world’s largest tropical wetlands, provides a haven for capybaras with its vast expanse of water and lush vegetation.

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Countries where Capybaras live


In the vibrant country of Colombia, capybaras roam freely, particularly in the wetlands and rainforests. Regions such as the Orinoco River Basin and the Amazon rainforest provide them with abundant food sources and suitable habitats. These areas are teeming with diverse wildlife, making the presence of capybaras an integral part of the ecosystem.


Venezuela, with its rich biodiversity and varied landscapes, is another country where capybaras can be found. From the vast plains of Los Llanos to the dense vegetation of the Amazon rainforest, these creatures have adapted to a wide range of habitats. In Los Llanos, capybaras are especially prevalent, often seen grazing peacefully alongside other herbivores, such as deer and cattle.

Countries where Capybaras live


The picturesque country of Guyana is home to a relatively large capybara population. Its pristine rainforests and savannahs provide the perfect environment for these rodents to thrive. They can often be spotted near rivers and lakes, where they bask in the sun and cool off in the water when necessary.


Similar to neighboring countries, Suriname offers a natural habitat for capybaras. This small South American nation, blessed with dense rainforests and unspoiled wetlands, serves as a sanctuary for these charming creatures. They can be found near rivers and swamps, where they are known to bathe to regulate their body temperature and maintain their hygiene.

Countries where Capybaras live

French Guiana

In French Guiana, an overseas territory of France located on the northeastern coast of South America, capybaras roam the lush tropical forests and feed on the abundant vegetation. Like their counterparts in other countries, they seek solace near water bodies, occasionally swimming or diving to escape predators or cool off on hot days.

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The landlocked country of Bolivia is also home to capybaras within its borders. With its diverse geography encompassing the Amazon rainforest, the Chaco region, and the Andes Mountains, Bolivia provides a range of habitats for these fascinating creatures. Depending on the specific region, capybaras can be found near rivers, lakes, and even at high-altitude wetlands.

Countries where Capybaras live


Paraguay, situated in the heart of South America, is another country where capybaras can be found. The country’s extensive marshes, rivers, and wetlands offer an ideal environment for capybaras to forage and socialize. Whether they are munching on grasses or bathing in shallow ponds, capybaras are a common sight in Paraguay’s natural landscapes.


Peru, with its diverse ecosystems spanning from the Pacific coast to the Amazon rainforest and the Andes Mountains, is also home to capybaras. In the Amazon region, they can be found near riverbanks, resting on the shore or grazing on aquatic plants. These fascinating creatures play an important ecological role, contributing to the balance of Peru’s natural habitats.

In conclusion, capybaras can be found in numerous countries across South America, each with its own unique blend of landscapes and ecosystems. From the marshlands of Argentina and the Pantanal of Brazil to the rainforests of Colombia and the wetlands of Venezuela, these adorable rodents have adapted to a wide range of habitats. Whether you are embarking on a wildlife adventure or simply curious about the countries they inhabit, exploring these diverse regions will undoubtedly provide you with an opportunity to encounter these charming creatures in their natural element.

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