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This disclosure applies to the website Baby Capybara, which can be accessed at https://babycapybara.com/. Baby Capybara aims to provide a platform for capybara lovers to explore the world of cuteness by offering news updates, informative content, and various products catering to capybara enthusiasts.

Information Accuracy

While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information on Baby Capybara, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the content. The information provided on this website includes but is not limited to facts, opinions, and product details. Users are advised to independently verify any information before making decisions based on it.

Products and Services

Baby Capybara offers a range of products related to capybaras, which may include clothing, accessories, décor items, and more. The availability, pricing, and quality of these products may vary, and Baby Capybara holds no responsibility for any transactions or disputes that may arise between users and third-party vendors.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Baby Capybara may participate in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may earn a commission on purchases made through links provided on the website. These affiliate relationships do not influence our content or the products we recommend. Our primary goal is to provide valuable information and resources to capybara enthusiasts.

User Conduct

As a visitor or user of Baby Capybara, you agree to use the website responsibly and in compliance with applicable laws. Any misuse, unauthorized access, or attempt to modify the website’s content or functionality may result in legal action. We reserve the right to moderate or remove any user-generated content that violates our terms of use or community guidelines.

External Links

Baby Capybara may contain links to external websites or resources. These links are provided for informational purposes and convenience. We do not have control over the content, privacy practices, or security of these third-party websites. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any interactions or issues that may arise from visiting or using these external websites.

Privacy Policy

For information on how Baby Capybara collects, uses, and protects your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy. By using this website, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Changes to the Disclosure

Baby Capybara reserves the right to modify or update this disclosure at any time without prior notice. Changes will be effective immediately upon posting. We encourage you to review this disclosure periodically to stay informed of any updates.

Last updated: 2023

For any questions or concerns regarding this disclosure or the Baby Capybara website, please contact us at info@babycapybara.com.

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